Future Classics

Future Classic: Dj Roc “Get Buck Juice”

Special Juke pick! I rarely talk about that kind of stuff because I find 95% unlistenable, like I want to throw my speakers out of my window or I think that my computer, needle or CD player is skipping because some of these tracks are just a bit nuts. But that’s the beauty isn’t it? It’s all about the 5%… and of course, you need to find your own 5%

I played a juke track from Dj Rashad at the end of my last MIMS Radio Show #51 and here’s another genius track this time from Dj ROC. For anyone in Montreal, I’ll be playing a whole set tomorrow (Nov.10th) @ Blu Dog with some good friends. The whole night revolves around the art of moving butts!

Dj Roc - Get Buck Juice


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