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Future Classic (& Forgotten Treasure): Plug “Feeling So Special”


Wowza! What an unexpected treat from the good folks at Ninja Tune and especially from Luke Vibert one of the under appreciated heroes of the last 15 years of music. The guy has been making so much amazing music under a bunch of different pseudonyms like Kerrier Districkt, Wagon Christ, Ace of Clubs and Plug.

Plug is actually the very first record I bought from him in the 90’s when I saw it reviewed on Musique Plus (the Montreal equivalent of MTV sorta). I only found out Plug was Vibert a few years ago. Well, it turns out that Vibert handed Ninja Tune a bunch of old DAT tapes that were never used for Plug records. All of the tracks on this project are from ’95 to ’98.

It’s absolutely amazing how well some of these tracks have aged well. “Feeling So Special” sounds like it could have been on Machinedrums‘s critically acclaimed 2011 “Rooms” record. No disrespect to the young cats but yo. You gotta respect the architects!

Plug - Feeling So Special


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