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Future Classic: Godlee Barnes (Blu) “The Norman Rockwell Beat Tape”

Ever since he hit the scene in the mid 2000′s, west coast MC Blu always been a really prolific artist. Bouncing from solo projects, to collaborations like Johnson & Jonson, Blu & Sene and C.R.A.C Knuckles. In 2011, he’s already put out 4 projects! That’s pretty much unheard of. It’s like this guy is just focused on making music and putting it out there while not really caring about label and media support.

So after “Jesus”, “NoYork”, “Open” comes this really dope instrumental beat tape called the Norman Rockwell Tape entirely produced by Blu himself. Available on his bandcamp for a measly 5$. Highly Recommended (like pretty much anything Blu touches)


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