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MF Gold

Music Journalist, Videographer and adamant Independent-Art Patron. She also cameos as a Personal Trainer/Kinesiologist and Massage Therapist in the daytime.

Future Classics

Future Classic: Krystale & Kaytradamus “Sweet Tooth”


Krystale hit my radar near the end of last year being a part of huge wave of female vocalists from Montreal bringing crazy flavor to the game.

I was instantly hooked on her raspy voice that resembles none but, cause of the hard hitting hip-hop vibe I was on that day, I couldn’t relate to the laid back beat. The next thing I knew, one of my favorite Montreal producers, Kaytradamus, hit us up with a remix of her track “Caught Up” that just blew my socks off and filled all the elements I needed. Ever since, I’ve been hoping and praying that these two cats would collaborate for some new material and on Monday morning my wish was waiting for me on my fb news feed: Krystale & Kaytradamus “Sweet Tooth”

This track is impeccably produced. The beat hits hard at all the right moments and beautifully embraces Krystale’s strong and sensual vocals. There’s a definite essence of sweet and sexy that diffuses off this single and leaves you wanting for more. “Sweeth Tooth” is like hot breath on an icy window.

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