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Future Classic: Loose Shus “Mystique”

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First, I would like to thank everybody who listens to the show; your support and feedback is much appreciated, and doesn’t go unnoticed. For this week’s episode, I wanted to shed some light on a multi-talented producer from San Francisco, Loose Shus. A few weeks ago, I came across his latest sound “Mystique” and I was totally hypnotized by the atmosphere; to be more precise, I still haven’t yet figured out where this songs takes me, but it’s definitely far in outer space.

It’s modern-lounge funk feel at his best, and it’s the type of track that I can listen on repeat on my transit ride; futuristic ambiance seasoned to perfection. You can also check Loose’s earlier project, on Voltaire Records, “Here Comes Loose Shus” available on iTunes or Amazon (the physical EP on vinyl is sold out).

Voltaire is a boutique San Francisco based record label that embraces the qualities of analog boogie, electro, and classic dance music to provide timeless tracks to DJs, connoisseurs and purists. They have artists such as Brian Ellis, DMX Krew, K-Maxx, Night School, XL Middleton & Eddy Funkster, just to name a few; make sure you head to their website to check their extensive catalogue.

Track taken from Walla P’s latest “Voyage Funktastique” radio show. Check it out below.

Walla P

Walla P

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