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Future Classic: Mick Jenkins “P’s & Q’s”


Chicago-based MC Mick Jenkins is definitely one of our favorite new talents of the rap scene in the last few years. In fact, we’re quite shocked he wasn’t named to this year’s “Freshman Class” special by XXL rap magazine. (We would have added Isiah Rashad and Clear Soul Forces too)

If you listen to our monthly radio show, then you’ve heard at least 3 of Jenkin’s outstanding tracks. His lyrics and tone instantly draw you in like a Kendrick or J.Cole would, but he also seems to posses the very important skill of picking his beats and collaborating producers very well; something that is often overlooked and can make or break an MC’s career. (By the way, I could not recommend his “The Waters” mixtape enough. Get it here)

His brand new track is called “P’s & Q’s” and features some serious lyrical acrobatics with almost all the lines starting with the letter P or Q. A sort of hommage to other tracks like Nas’ “Rewind” or Big L’s “Ebonics”. It is produced by Montreal’s own Kaytranada who once again shows his versatility. They should seriously think about doing a whole album together.

Great track, great video… can’t wait for the full mixtape called “The Wave


Also check out “Alchemy” which was the first single release.



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