Max Robin is a towntempo kind of guy. He loves beats. Making them, sampling them, shaking them, baking them, spinning them, radio hosting them,... He releases a beat a day at Oh and he's also 1/2 of wobbly affair Pax Kingz with Millimetrik and 1/2 of irreverent french rap duo MC Phylis et Maxime Robin. Oh que oui!

Future Classics

Future Classic: Nameless “16-Bit: Bonus Stages”


I stumbled up Nameless‘ music when I was doing my instrumental radio show back in 2009. He’s a beatmaker from Detroit so expect the rawness typical to the Motor City. He released a lot of beat tapes; some more soul, some more boom bap. And he did one sampling video game music called 16bit. Think of the  8bit side of Dibiase but in a more raw form. That’s not the only thing they have in common: Nameless was part of the RED BULL BIG TUNE Beat Battle in Detroit in October 2010 (Dibiase took LA in 2010).

16-Bit: Bonus Stages is the follow up to 16bit, with this time a few collaborations. Some really raw raps on some cuts. It was released back in 2010 so maybe I should say “future classic” but that section doesn’t just apply to the releases of the last few weeks you know! By todays’ prolific beatmaker standards, it’s a bit old (on the bandcamp page of Nameless, it’s not even in the 5 last releases…). As you can hear below it’s still dope! If you go the the bandcamp page, listen to Dusty Pads EP also. More traditionnal but quite nice too.