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Future Classic: Toast Dawg “Brazivilain EP 2”


After a well-crafted first opus printed on wax our very own MIMS label (link), Montreal-based producer Toast Dawg releases the second installment of his Brazivilain series. In the same vein as its predecessor, Brazivilain 2 is all about the fusion of futuristic electronic textures and synth basslines blended with sampled loops of Brazilian popular music and instruments.

Unlike the first volume however, Brazivilain 2 proposes more experimental hooks and drops and more darkness is found in Toast Dawg’s musical inspiration. While similarities with German producer’s Wun Two’s “Rio” beat record (link) and Swiss beatmaker Chief (link) can be noticed at times, the exploration of the dark side of Brazilian atmosphere brings an indisputable touch of originality to the “beat” scene.

Brazivilain 2 is not about touristic clichés; white sand beaches, mojitos and artificially shaped bimbos. It would rather be the perfect soundtrack for Jonathan Shaw (yes, the son of Artie)’s counter-culture wild brutal and passionate novel “Narcisa” (link) .

Among the seven tracks of this coherent LP, the piano loops of “Steps” really did it for me while the flow of Illa J’s words enhanced “Fim”, which is always very hard to achieve on a dense and athmospheeric beat.

Brazivilain 2 is distributed worldwide (even on the Fat Beats webshop) so grab the digital or physical LP when you can, you do not want to miss this future classic with its own personal and original take on Brazilian and electronic music.

Dr. Miette

Dr. Miette

Dr Miette’s love affair with music started in 2007 at Goodka Records, a dusty and soulful French record shop. Schooled at the original flavoured and open-minded hip-hop culture, he explored various genres of music since then, at home or for wider audiences. From finnish tango to deep-house gems, his all-vinyl DJ sets span worldwide and timeless tunes