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Future Classic: Zaki Ibrahim “Every Opposite”


Zaki is back with a monstrous debut full-length record, Every Opposite, that was released last month on South African Indie label Motif Records.

This lovely South African / Canadian born songstress and storyteller went in deep to produce a fascinating global opus with producers Tiago of Tumi and the Volume, Wawesh from Kenya (Just a Band) and Toronto’s Alister Johnson.

Every Opposite can safely boast a masterful collection of songs which showcases Zaki’s incredible instrument and who’s diverse sound spans from Soulful Pop à la Sade, Post Dubstep, R&B, South African inspired chanting, contemporary Disco, Reggae, inflections of Hip Hop, Downtempo, and then some. I believe it to be one of the most interesting and inspiring LP’s to come from a ‘Canadian’ artist this year. It has Future Classic written all over it.

My Top Tracks :
Draw The Line
Something In The Water
Your Song
Go Widdit

Come check out Zaki performing Live at the Goods 10th Anniversary party this Saturday night. Co-produced by MIMS and Off the Hook. A night not to be missed! (Event info)

Grab her LP here

Sarah Linhares

Sarah Linhares

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