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Guest Mixes: Artbeat Montreal Remembers J Dilla


I’m so mad I couldn’t attend last night’s Dilla tribute. Furious.

Not only did I lose out on a bevy of gorgeous wimminz dancing the night away to BadBadNotGood’s shmooved-out stylings as well as MIMS-affiliates Scott C and Simahlak‘s impeccable drops, but I also missed a prime opportunity to hang with Montreal’s vibrant hiphop community, who came out in full regalia for this event. Montrealers adore Dilla, and rightfully so.

My reason for going AWOL? I was up the whole night prior along with my Co-D’s SevDee and Mark The Magnanimous assembling a tribute of our own. Anyone who’s attended one of Artbeat Montreal‘s soirees can testify to the palpable traces of Dilla’s influence on the featured beat builders that showcase during these events. Thus, the three of us, along with a couple key assists from the big homie and fellow Dillahead Nik Brovkin formed like Voltron to concoct a mix for neophytes and connoisseurs alike. Happy Dilla History Month.