Happy 10th Anniversary to THE GOODS!

Today Montreal’s beloved GOODS monthly night turn 10. And in nightlife years, that’s the equivalent of about 50. Before we even talk about the level of quality that the night has maintained let’s bow down to the fact they’ve been doing it for 10 years which is already an achievement in this music world that keeps consuming and disposing of music faster and faster.

In 2002, Scott C and Andy Williams started this wonderful night that would have music heads in Montreal for the next ten years going like, “is the Goods this saturday?” oh… next one? What the fuck am I gonna do with my night then. In fact I think I still remember being handed the very first flyer.

This night has been an absolutely huge influence on me in every possible way, as a music lover and as a DJ. I was fortunate enough to play the night a couple of times and each time I try to absorb every second when I’m up there because I’ve never felt more connected to an audience than at The Goods. So major kudos also go out to the Goods crowd for being absolutely the best audience one could ask for.

Tonight! The 10th Anniversary party: https://www.facebook.com/events/120493248097487/
+ Tomorrow during the day there will be a Goods (hangover) brunch! (Details)

(Peep the poster below. 10 years of amazing guests!)



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