Montreal-based DJ and the founder MusicIsMySanctuary.com (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).

Future Classics

Future Classic: Koen “Outputs 3” (Soulection)


After pretty outstanding the Outputs volumes 1 and 2, Koen, the very underrated producer from Holland, is releasing Outputs 3 through the good folks at Soulection. Just one listen to the 10 track record and you’ll know it’s not your average beats / juke / 808 / spaced-out R&B project. There are tons of those coming out every week and most of them sound like they were made in 2 hours but this will surely stand out as one of the best of its kind in 2012!

Koen: “Outputs was originally a series of beats that I had laying around and were unreleased. For this project I decided to take a different route and make all the tracks from scratch, with a different approach. Inspired by my good friends Duke Hugh and Nangdo, I chose a more up-tempo sound, with a lot of 808 drums. The up-tempo tracks made me create with different principals, not bound by ‘hip-hop-sounding-music’. The different rhythms I heard in the last couple of months made me think out of the box and create these new beats.”

Koen resides in Groningen, Holland and is a musician next to being a high school teacher. Koen specializes in soulful music, whether is hiphop, 808, juke or R&B.

Next to his own music, Koen works on several projects together with Duke Hugh and Nangdo, who are also from Groningen.

Outputs 3 is a bass-inspired project which will feature 10 unreleased beats that are all specially created for this project. Koen decided to step out of his comfort-zone and create some different music then he was used to.

01 – 978
02 – 986
03 – 996
04 – 993
05 – 992
06 – 999
07 – 998
08 – 984
+ 2 Bonus tracks (With Purchase)
09 – 984 (Sango remix)
10 – 984 (Nangdo remix)

All are tracks produced, arranged and mixed by Koen.
More info on Koen; twitter.com/koenbeats – koenbeats.tumblr.com
Artwork; Roelie Vuitton

Released by: SOULECTION
Release/catalogue number: S008
Release date: Mar 27, 2012