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Philippe Sawicki

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MIMS Guide to Igloofest 2013 – Week 1

With merely a few days into 2013, Montreal is about to showcase its busy event calendar right from the beginning of the new year with what may be the most Canadian outdoor event there is: Igloofest.

After a couple of record-breaking weekends during the previous editions, the winter festival added three new nights to its lineup this year, extending its date up to mi-February. These additional nights and a redesigned layout of the grounds will hopefully help alleviate the sometimes overwhelming feeling of being swallowed by the crowd that some may have experienced during the previous years.

This might have been the “price” to pay for the success of such an ambitious setup, sign that the efforts put into organizing an event of this size and nature — outdoor in the snow, with complex projection, lighting and sound rigs — have not been in vain. Efforts going as far as offering a lineup of the second stage complementary to the one of the main stage, in a similar fashion as the genres featured on the second stage of the Piknic Électronik during the summer.

Highlights of the first of four weekends include the Fur Trade Recordings showcase under the igloo on January 18th with house maestros Nico Sé, Cristobal Urbina and Romeo Kardec, while notable Piu Piu producers Kenlo, High-Klassified and Scott C will take over the stage on January 19th.

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