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Numero Group: Omnibus: Vol.1 45×45 Boxset + Book

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Numero Group, the purveyors of all things obscure and soulful have been hard at work for the last ten years giving us just that, sweet Soul Music in remastered, reissued form. For their 45th release, Numero compiled what could be considered the holy grail of Soul jams. Eccentric Soul: Omnibus puts together 45 of the rarest 45s with exact replica labels, custom Numero sleeves and an accompanying 108 page hard cover book showcasing amazing photos, liner notes, + more.

A number of these singles have easily fetched hundreds of dollars in the past and in some cases MUCH more. Deep Soul ballads, Proto Disco stompers, and in the pocket grooves are an easy find in the boxset with something for everyone. The box itself is a sturdy multi-colored construction with metal hardware that comes in a “blind” color combination. Covering 23 states, Numero Group swung for the fences in compiling this amazing piece of American Soul history. A must have for the heads. Also includes free MP3 download.

PRICE: 249$ US