Odd Future – Live on Jimmy Fallon

Wow, ok. Now THAT is a pretty bold TV debut from the up and coming hardcore rap collective OddFuture. By the way, i’m so happy to just be saying the term hardcore rap, haven’t said that in like 10 years! Anyways, OddFuture bring it in a MAJOR way on the Jimmy Fallon late night show with The Roots as the backing band, and Mos Def going completly nuts at the end of the track…

I’d say so far the hype is much deserved.


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  • Étienne

    Turning point in Hip Hop History I think… Let’s see in 5 years from now !

    • Lexis

      Hmmmmm…. now THATS a bold statement. Not sure if i’d say that. Although it’s fresh and new. It’s a bit gimicky. Not sure where this is gonna go but for now… i’m on board.

  • Étienne

    That’s why I’m gonna wait 5 years… But I think that… Let’s see one day !

  • jdotperiod

    Hmm…can’t say that the song was hot.

    Just read a lengthy feature story on Odd Future in the current issue of Spin (with Lykke Li on the cover). I think in the post-Kanye West/Lil’ Wayne era of mainstream hip hop, it’s become fashionable to use suburban weirdness to cover up for lack of actual musical prowess. Odd Future, Lil’ B and others are all young disciples of this era.

    When I saw that clip above, I just saw some bored suburban kids who were just being odd and goofy for no real reason. LOL. Not to mention that the song sounded like it was from Rusty Candieff’s ’90s horrorcore spoof “Tales of the Hood”. If this is the future of hip hop, then that future is looking bleak.

    But what do I know?

    They’ll be big with the white hipster and alternative rock crowd, to be sure. They have always liked quirky black rapper boys (even if their music is weak). They’re not threatening. Ask Mr. West or “Weezy” himself.

    • Lexis

      Wow you are spot on.

      I must say, i find it INTERESTING. But interesting is quite different than good. Would I put this track on my radio show, on in my ipod or something, definitely not.

      I think it kind of works visually but to me its still very gimicky. There is not a lot of actual skill and musicality in there.

      But still… interesting.

  • Étienne

    I love the Hardcore Punk attitude…. I don’t give a fuck about Hipsters and all that shit… I can’t stand bitches like TTC and other so-called electro Hip Hop !

    That song is only a fuck you to the industry.