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Robin Lohrey “EP” (Vanity Press)

House / Techno

via Vanity Press: Vanity Press is a label coming out of Detroit specializing in Deep House and Techno.

After releasing two strong EPs from Julian Kendall and Val G within a few months, the imprint is back with a massive one from newcomer Robin Lohrey. This EP truly carries a special atmosphere reminiscent of some of the early Guidance Recordings releases. Taking us back to a time when quality was an essential factor instead of throw away 12″s with barely one decent track on them.

What we have here is 4 tracks filled with deepness, musicality and lots of grooves. “Ambergris” is a delicious uptempo jazzy affair. It actually sounds like a late ’90s Glenn Underground tribute which is a good thing. “Trieste” is a perfect one for the dancefloor keeping that Detroit House sound on the forefront. “Diatom” and “Oriole” are superb lush and moody deep numbers. Could sound like some Larry Heard in an aquarium…

An essential release perfect both for home listening and for playing out. I’m very curious to hear future material from Robin Lohrey because the level of quality showcased here looks quite promising!

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