Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Savoir-Flair “Savoir-Flair” (1983)

Soul & Funk

The first record i’d like to share with all you faithful Music My Sanctuary readers is a very special piece in my collection. An early 80’s a Soul Boogie/Funk obscurity from Texas. (Comedy Central / Adult Swim fans might recognize this one!)

Savoir-Flair” was released on 1983 and produced by Roger Boykin. Boykin was also the label-owner of the Dallas-based Soulex records but the front-man of the band, himself playing the Bass/Guitar but also many other instruments on the record. The self-titled of the trio is their one and only release, which is absolutely baffling considering how great it is. Boykin also released a solo record on his Soultex Records in 1981, more on a Jazz tip.

The “Savoir-Flair” record is slept-on by many collectors out there but I have a feeling its about to change.

Here are my two highlights from the record.

DJ Ricardo Paris

DJ Ricardo Paris

Dj and record digger from Oxford, England.