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Forgotten Treasure: Smith & Mighty “B Line Fi Blow” (2002)

Killer Killer reissue of this 2002 track from Bristol’s Smith & Mighty taken from their 3rd and last record as a group called “Life Is…”, released on 2002 on !K7. It was wisely re-released on Punch Drunk back in 2010

Their 1995 record called “Bass is Maternal” was one of the most influencial UK records to come out in the last 20 years… setting the table for Drum & Bass and bass music in general. I remember watching an interview with Roni Size and him going on about how much Smith & Mighty were a big influence on him. I had the pleasure of playing with Rob Smith, founding member of the group a few years ago and it was an honor to rock it with this pioneer of UK Dub.

Smith & Mighty – B Line Fi Blow


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