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Future Classics

Future Classic: Vlooper “Honey Rosted”


We’re really proud of our good friend VLooper who is finally starting to get the recognition and worldwide love he deserves, it’s been a long time coming for the Quebec / Montreal beat maker.

He will be releasing his LP called “Snowloops” on November 9th with the Soulection label out of California, great label and radio show run by Joe Kay. We’ve been listening to the 16 track record for 2 days now and let us be the first to let you know that this will be one of the best “beats” (or whatever you choose to call the genre) records of the year. And considering the staggering amount of stuff that comes out these days, it’s quite a statement.

The record has two attributes that you only find in about 5-10% of these records and producers. Originality and maturity. Although you might be hearing about Vlooper for the first time we are talking about a veteran here. He’s made a ton of great tracks with fellow Quebec beats legend Kenlo Craqnuques and also produces for Alaclair Ensemble and vocalist Modlee.

The tracks are really varied which is essential to make the step from good EP (4-5 tracks) to good full LP!

Here is an exclusive track from the record (don’t sleep on the second part of the track!). You can get another preview from VLooper’s Soundcloud.

VLooper - Honey Rosted