Waahli (Nomadic Massive) x ATCQ’s “Vibes & Stuff”

Waahli from Montreal’s Nomadic Massive crew takes on the big challenge of doing a remix/cover of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Vibes and Stuff” (probably my favorite track from the “Low End Theory” album)… Big up!

This is actually a promo vid for an upcoming event where Nomadic Massive will join Groundfoot for live remixes of 90′s hiphop classics. August 21st @ Les Bobards (4328 St-Laurent)


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Lexis (MIMS Founder)
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  • Fullrange

    True hip-hop track. Can’t miss that show !!!

  • Lexis

    Yes. And Yes. Nomadic Massive fly under the radar wayyyy too much. Obviously, there is never going to be any support for a hip-hop band in english from french Montreal media… but thats another story.

  • Headnod Factor

    Let’s do this. 90s hiphop coin St-Lo & Marie-Anne. We do need this every now & then.