24 Hours of Vinyl #11: SAN FRANCISCO

The 11th edition of the 24 Hours of Vinyl live broadcasting event will take place will begin on San Francisco, September 19th 7PM (Pacific Time) until the 20th 7PM.

Head out to 24hoursofvinyl.com for the live stream!
San Francisco folks, RSVP here to join us in person.


07:00PM Joel Conway
08:30PM Vinnie Esparza
10:00PM Fred Everyting
11:30PM David Harness

01:00AM Vin Sol
02:30AM J Boogie
04:00AM King Most
05:30AM Krista

07:00AM Lexis
09:00AM Nina Sol
10:30AM Colossus
12:00PM Mike Bee

01:30PM Mystery Guest
02:30PM Freddy Anzures
04:00PM Platurn
05:30PM Shortkut

This worldwide non-profit event created by the good folks at Music Is My Sanctuary features 15 DJs bringing their favourite gems on wax and relaying each other for a full day!


Created by Music Is My Sanctuary
Presented by Syngergize Live
in Collaboration with Mixcloud, 101 Apparel & This is HERD

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