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8 Montreal-based DJ’s pick their most influential Quebec Record

As we prepare to celebrate our yearly provincial holiday (called St-Jean Baptiste) with a really nice party with tons of great local DJ’s (info here) we thought it would be appropriate to ask everyone on the lineup to present one Quebecois record that was influential in their career.

It’s easy to forget that we’ve made some pretty great music in Quebec in the last 40-50 years, so let’s not! Je Me Souviens Yo!

Shades of Culture – Nuff Style / Eye Out Remix

I was thinking about it and then I remembered “Nuff Style” or the “Eye Out Remix” from Shades of Culture back in 1993 or 94. The scratches from DJ Storm and the beats from Choice definitely influenced me to start DJ-ing.

Gilles Rivard – Je Reviens

Even though it is a relatively recent discovery, it is influential to me in the sense. It shows me that there are tons of Forgotten Treasures to be dug up from the last 40-50 years of Quebec music whether it’s jazz, psych rock, rap or in this case super funky white boy disco-rock. The kind of rare groove track that fits perfectly between Ned Doheny or Brazilian 70’s joints. Peace Gilles!

Sixtoo – Jackals and Vipers in Envy of Man

At the time it came out it kind of represented what I liked about “new music” and new sounds while at the same time, representing what I still held onto and dug about older genres. Was something that sounded fresh and exciting but familiar.

Muzion – La Vi Ti Neg

La Vi Ti Neg is a timeless classic for me when it comes to Quebec Rap music. It’s a track I always love playing for the St-Jean holiday. A song that ages well and gets better and better each year I play it.

Chromeo – White Women

I’ve had the privilege, honour and absolute pleasure to work on the Chromeo album “White Women”. We all grew up together and will always be family. I knew this album would be the one that Billboard would finally recognize.

Plume Latraverse – Lit Vert

“Lit Vert” is one of my earliest musical memories; my mom playing his records on a turntable. My introduction to irony, dark and twisted humour and social criticism. This album released in 1978 is a great representation of Plume’s universe. One of my favorite Quebec artists.

2Hot2Handle Mixtape

For me the release of the 2Hot2Handle mixtape was influential because it was at the moment when I decided I wanted to invest myself in Montreal’s cultural and rap scene. I remember killing my walkman with this tape! I discovered Sans Pression, Yvon Kreve, Vulguerre and L’X, the best MC’s at that time.

Stefie Shock – Tubes, remixes et prémonitions

On this “best-of” compilation released in 2009, Stefie Shock assembled his best beats to my greatest pleasure. It isn’t easy to make music in french and to add an electronic element to it while remaining true to your vision. Stefie composes his music with the ear of a skilled DJ and gives life to his songs with great lyrics too. The bassline in “Je Combat Le Speen” is infectious and has stands up well against the other legendary bassline of Jean Leloup’s “1990”. Shock definitely pulls off the fusion of french music with touches of electronic and exotic influnces.


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Montreal-based DJ and the founder MusicIsMySanctuary.com (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).