Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Amuzement Park “Groove Your Blues Away” (1982)

Disco Soul & Funk

Post Disco Boogie! I found the LP while browsing an online site, the original as kind of pricey, but I got instant happy in the pants to this tune.

Uptempo groove, great bassline, glassy Funk guitar tones, and some killer horns. Lot’s of little breaks and fills to mix in/out of/loop. You can get an inexpensive re-issue via Dusty Groove, and I’m happy to report the re-issue sounds great, unlike some.

The album has maybe 3 killer tracks on it, but suffers a little from the ‘here’s-a-nice-soul-ballad-too’ thing that a lot of groups at the time had going on. Can’t blame ’em, who wouldn’t want some of that George Benson money, son?!

Amuzement Park - Groove Your Blues Away


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