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Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: J Treds “Make it Happen” (1998)

I moved to London around a year ago and while I love the place, few cities teach you so quickly the importance of music like this. It’s the kind of record that ought to be encased within break in case  Read more  »

Fallacy and Fusion “The Groundbreaker” (2002)
Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Fallacy and Fusion “The Groundbreaker” (2002)

Anyone else remember this one? I suspect quite a few people do. It might be considered a bit of a London thing, but it did make it as far as the leafy lanes of rural Norfolk. I spent a good  Read more  »


In Conversation With: NICKY BLACKMARKET by LAW Magazine

In Conversation With: Nicky Blackmarket by LAW Magazine ( I’ve got distant memories of fluorescent posters tagged to traffic lights and railings, names like Ratpack and Nicky Blackmarket splashed across them in chunky black text. I was a bit young  Read more  »

Sir OJ - Gonna Pop
Future Classics

Future Classic: Sir OJ “Gonna Pop”

It’s always good to hear a producer hit their stride and start putting out stuff that sounds genuinely off the wall. Sir OJ first cropped up on my radar back in 2008 when he dropped his State Beattape, along with  Read more  »



We’ve been following filmmaker Gus Sutherland’s exploits for a while now. Earlier this year, we dropped the trailer to All Ears, his documentary on the L.A. beat scene. The All Ears UK premier took place yesterday, so I took the  Read more  »