In Conversation With: NICKY BLACKMARKET by LAW Magazine

UK Garage / Grime / 2step / Dubstep

In Conversation With: Nicky Blackmarket by LAW Magazine (

I’ve got distant memories of fluorescent posters tagged to traffic lights and railings, names like Ratpack and Nicky Blackmarket splashed across them in chunky black text. I was a bit young really, getting my first taste of drum & bass through mixtapes instead of 4am raves, but I do remember this guy.

The folks at LAW Magazine stopped by BM Soho in London to chat with Nicky Blackmarket, UK breakbeat and drum & bass pioneer, about everything from starting out on the radio to fighting over the record store decks with Ashley Beedle. Well worth a watch to find out more about UK underground music, before the internet, from one of it’s gods.

Interview by Ollie Evans –
Filmed by Billy Bolton and Joe Wilson –
Read the full article in LAW 4 available here:



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