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Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Laid Back “Bakerman”

I imagine or like to assume that most people have heard Laid Back’s classic dance floor hit White Horse. But I’m not here to tell you all about chasing that white pony or to discuss the many versions of who  Read more  »

Oby Onyioha “Enjoy Your Life” (1981)
Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Oby Onyioha “Enjoy Your Life” (1981)

One fine morning last spring, bright and early, my friend played this Disco song at full volume across the empty shop we were working in. It was a song I had never heard before but instantly loved and needed to  Read more  »

Future Classics

Future Classic: Outboxx “Outboxx” (Idle Hands)

I don’t consider myself a specialist of House music or assume anything about what I don’t recognize because most of it is new to me anyway. House is only a genre that I have recently begun to have a proper  Read more  »

Kleer "Tonight" (1984)

Forgotten Treasure: Kleeer “Tonight” (1984)

Kleeer is easily one of my favorite Boogie bands of all time, and I say this without hesitation; they’re up there with S.O.S. Band andImagination in my books, absolute classic 80’s Boogie. To me, Kleeer is a name that is  Read more  »

Future Classics

Future Classic: Bakey Ustl “A Tender Place / Nose Candy”

The first time I heard A Tender Place, I was just waiting for the change up to happen, or for something to break in the song and the more I waited, the more avant-garde the song became. I didn’t know  Read more  »