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Future Classic: Outboxx “Outboxx” (Idle Hands)

House / Techno

I don’t consider myself a specialist of House music or assume anything about what I don’t recognize because most of it is new to me anyway. House is only a genre that I have recently begun to have a proper relationship with, so I am slightly clueless about where to start – it’s a learning process. In comparison to my familiarity and knowledge with Disco and Boogie, I feel like I know almost nothing about House music. But lucky for me, it means I get to make new discoveries constantly.

So who is Outboxx?
I had never heard of them until a few months ago (thanks to Lexis) and the only thing I did recognize was the label. I asked myself, who is the sexy smooth female vocalist featured on these tracks and who makes these wicked slow tempo beats?
What I do know is that Outboxx is made up of two members, Jacob ‘Hodge’ Martin and Matt Lambert and features Naomi as a vocalist. They are from the UK and this is their first full album production. It was recently released by Idle Hands this April and it’s a solid collection of House tracks.

I really enjoy this album as a whole and at least three quarters of the album is smooth easy listening. Their music is a bit of a mixed bag of styles, jumping back and forth between Slow Tempo Minimalist House to Deep House, with some tracks more upbeat than others with varying lengths. A few of the recordings featuring the female vocalist sound very Lounge in style and create a more emotional and soulful vibe. I like the slight variety this album offers, and I especially like the minimalist beats. I would definitely recommend Outboxx’s new album to anyone who likes House music and has an open mind about it.

Outboxx – Outboxx – IDLE018 – April 2013

Here are my personal favorites from the record.

Jaded (House)

Jewel City

My Destination (Deep & Dark House)

Can’t find a clip anywhere… so buy the record!

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