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“Welcome to Hell” a mini-doc on the history of Memphis Rap

via @turismo4k: “90s Memphis rap has had a huge influence on the current state of both underground and mainstream hip hop. Internet music scenes such as Phonk, Cloud rap, Sad trap and Trillwave have been growing in popular rapidly in  Read more  »

New Releases

Legendary Producter / Vocalist Steve Spacek Releases “Natural Sci-Fi”

Eglo Records are proud to present the second official solo album by the forward facing producer and vocalist Steve Spacek. The album, entitled ‘Natural Sci-Fi’ originally began production in 2005, shortly after the release of the now classic ‘Spaceshift’ album  Read more  »

Future Classics

Kamaal Williams & K15 “Catch The Loop 1”

via Black Focus Records Side A K15 – The Return Tape Chopped up elements from The Return blended with other Kamaal Williams material K15 found online to build a sense of the album’s context and intentions. Side B Kamaal Williams  Read more  »

Guest Mixes

MIMS Guest Mix: CLÉMENTINE (Chuwanaga Records, Paris)

Clémentine of Chuwanaga Records delivers a selection of grooves to shuffle and sway to. Feel good with this one! “In this mix I wanted to make a spontaneous selection that represented me at the moment. It’s a concentrate of music  Read more  »


CONTEST (FINISHED): Win A Vinyl Copy Of Claude’s “Future” EP On La Freund Recordings

Musical renaissance man Fulgeance lands on La Freund Recordings under his Claude moniker, and it could be yours… for free! It’s made for warm and cozy dance floors worldwide, flaunting two original cuts and two remixes from Duke Hugh and  Read more  »