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Guest Mixes

MIMS Guest Mix: JANK (Mysterious Works, Japan)

After releasing his Dusty and Soulful debut EP on UK’s Mysterious Works, Japan-based House head JANK decided to gather some of his favourite tracks together for a mix to show off where his unique style comes from. “The mix includes  Read more  »


The Tracks That Inspired Fred Everything’s “Long Way Home”

After spending eight years living in San Francisco, Deep House mainstay Fred Everything has returned to reside in Montreal and has released his “Long Way Home” LP to mark the occasion. “Long Way Home” marks Fred’s fourth artist album and  Read more  »

Future Classics

Magic In Threes “Return Of…” (KingUnderground Records)

Magic In Threes release “Return Of…” for the first time on vinyl with KingUnderground, which until now was only available on cassette through G.E.D. Soul Records. via KU: The album is a collection of delightfully smoked out, library music inspired  Read more  »

Forgotten Treasures

Kamal Keila “Muslims and Christians” (1992, Habibi Funk)

For their eighth project, Germany’s Habibi Funk Records have directed their attention to the musical archives of Kamal Keila. How the label and Kamal Keila connected is a spectacular story, and the when’s and the why’s of how these recordings  Read more  »

Tech Tuedays

What If Machines Could Sing ’90s Ballads?

From Martin Backes (artist, designer, creative technologist, hacker, DJ and composer) “What do machines sing of?” is a fully automated machine, which endlessly sings number-one ballads from the 1990s. As the computer program performs these emotionally loaded songs, it attempts  Read more  »