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DJ Luv - luv173
Dj Mixes

Mix of the Day: DJ Luv “luv173”

From DJ Luv: This is a trip through the history of techno. Starting in 1978 I mix in one record per year, in chronological order, all the way to 2013. 36 years of man made machine music + 36 records  Read more  »

Ghostbeard - Live at Budokan
Dj Mixes

Mix of the Day: Ghostbeard “Live at Budokan”

As Ghostbeard himself tells it best: Back in December of 2012 I found myself in Toyko with the Amon Tobin “ISAM Live” tour. Taking 4000 pounds worth of stage design to the other side of the world seemed like a  Read more  »

Poirier - Corruption Proof Mix
Dj Mixes

Mix of the Day: Poirier “Corruption Proof”

Summertime is coming, and with it starts the hectic daily schedule of Montreal’s nightlife. Afterpartys pile up one after the others, venue calendars fill up and streets are closed for outdoor music. One could argue that it is due to  Read more  »

Boundary - Boundary
Future Classics

Future Classic: Boundary “Boundary”

Breaking away from what had become so familiar with his name during the last few years, Montreal producer Poirier revealed today a new identity alongside a new self-titled and self-released record, Boundary. As Boundary, Poirier comes back to its minimalist  Read more  »

MIMS at Igloofest 2013

Photos: Igloofest 2013 Week 3

We’re feeling very fortunate to have been given the opportunity by Igloofest to share our love of UK Garage with the people there. Needless to say that we had a lot of fun during the whole night, playing some of  Read more  »