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Mix of the Day: Ghostbeard “Live at Budokan”


As Ghostbeard himself tells it best:

Back in December of 2012 I found myself in Toyko with the Amon Tobin “ISAM Live” tour. Taking 4000 pounds worth of stage design to the other side of the world seemed like a perfectly good excuse to spend an extra 7 days tooling around Tokyo. And of course my first mission was to find the good reggae shops. You know when you’re in a record store and the reggae bin consists of like two good records and a bunch of UB40 and you wonder “where are all the good used reggae records”… well they’re all in Japan. So after spending a ludicrous amount of money on a large stack of Jamaican classics, I turned my attention to the local bins. I admit to knowing absolutely nothing about the Japanese reggae scene. Except to say I found some amazing records and that it sounds like they all grew up on On U Sound classics. I don’t know if these are the freshest tunes out of Japan or like 10 years old or whatever. This is just some awesome stuff I finally found the time to mix together (Ghostdad has slowed down the output…).

Ghostbeard - Live at Budokan


Ken2-D Special : Sleng Teng In The U-G
Ken2-D Special : Sunday Afternoon In The Presidents Room
Ken2-D Special : Sleng Teng In The UmegaoKa
Fly-T : Dub
Fly-T : Song
Dry and Heavy : Private Plan Dub
Jiny A (Echo Soundsystem)
Dry and Heavy : Radical Dubber
Dry and Heavy : Run Away Dub
Dry and Heavy : Somebody Has Come
Sly Mongoose : El Bamba
Dry and Heavy : Strictly Baby
Dry and Heavy : Treat-Me-NT Dubbed
Dry and Heavy : Tiger Claw Skank
Karamushi & Green Massive : 2012
Dry and Heavy : Rumble Dub
Soul Dimension : Step Forward Dub
Soul Dimension feat Ja-ge & Mal : Step Forward
Mighty Massa : Version
Mighty Massa feat Ras Dasher : LOVEwise & DUBwise
Soul Dimension : Spiritual Version
Freedom Ensemble : Patagonia
Kyo Sakurai feat. Ja-ge : Biribiriba
Soul Dimension : Age Of Fame
Sure Shine & Sister Mami : Jammin Jamaica
Rub-A-Dub Market : Bubblin – Vampire Pt 1
Rub-A-Dub Market : Bubblin – Vampire Pt 2
Tsuyoshi Kawakami & His Moodmakers : Double Barrel Dub
Tsuyoshi Kawakami & His Moodmakers : Double Barrel

Philippe Sawicki

Philippe Sawicki

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