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Tribute Mixes

Tribute to PHIL ASHER — Part 1 (Selected & Mixed by The Rawsoul)

This is a very emotional tribute to one of my absolute favorite producers and DJs, Phil Asher. He truly had his own unique signature sound and he perfectly joined the dots between the US and UK scenes.  Championing the NYC  Read more  »

Forgotten Treasures

Planet Eater “Planet Eater EP” (1995)

This ultra rare and elusive EP was released 25 years ago and is now available digitally through Bandcamp if you wanna save some big bucks! The feel is absolutely timeless, straight up raw house grooves that became the trademark sound  Read more  »

THE RAWHOUSE SUPREME #227 — Hosted by The RawSoul

Time for the first 2020 summer edition of the Rawhouse Supreme show. Music to dance to, to reflect on all this madness that’s been going on for way too long, to hope for a strong stand against systemic and all  Read more  »

The Raw House Supreme

THE RAWHOUSE SUPREME #226 — Hosted by The RawSoul

A special tribute show to some of my favorites artists and vocalists who recently left us. Let the music live… Loads of selections from Mike Huckaby, an essential purveyor of the Detroit Sound. Music from Tony Allen, an absolute original  Read more  »

Tribute Mixes

Label Tribute to KING STREET SOUNDS (Part 3) – Selected & Mixed by The Rawsoul

Back with a final bunch of classic and forgotten jams from King Street Sounds and it’s sublabel Nite Grooves. We’re going even deeper in their imposing catalogue, showcasing mostly tracks from the late 90’s until the early 2000’s. Diverse sounds  Read more  »