“Cinematic Jazz entangled with Jewish folklore”.

In one studio session, UK Guitarist Tal Janes and Venezuelan pianist Joseph Costi discovered a shared subconscious memory of Jewish folk songs, starting an obsession that began with learning songs from Tal’s mother’s songbook and researching North-African rhythms, liturgical melodies and yiddish art songs from Russia, and grew into writing and recording a whole album of unquestionably contemporary songs.

Bahla the band was born, with Tal & Joseph joined by Portuguese vocalist Ines Loubet, alongside Andrea Di Biase on bass and Ben Brown on drums.

Drawing on half-remembered melodies, inherited songbooks and researched folklore and music of the Jewish diaspora, love of Jazz and beyond to the likes of Radiohead, et al, Bahla have a created a cinematic album, full of tides of joy, on the likes of ‘Nigun Simcha’, and longing or sadness, on ‘Aman’, for instance, with its beautiful and memorable melody.

The CD and digital, all self-released, are available on Bandcamp, and there’s a 7” in the works too for Gearbox Records Valve Mastered 7” series.

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Colectivo Futuro

Colectivo Futuro