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Future Classic: Berry Weight “Music For Imaginary Movies”


Berry Weight is a duo of musicians from Canada and Switzerland: Nico (Apewok) and Maël (Stab). Actually, I thought BW was the name of a solo beatmaker but in my defense, most of this kind of instrumental hip-hop (à la Kid Koala) is usally produced by a solo sampling-based artist.

I wasn’t sure if this release was more of a “Forgotten Treasure” or “Future Classic”. Berry Weight‘ s first album, “Music For Imaginary Movie” was released in digital form in 2010 but the vinyl album was re-released in 2012 on Phonosaurus. And these days it’s this been on heavy rotation for me.

At first glance, it seems like a “regular” instrumental hip-hop album with the addition of three vocal tracks with performance by Astrid Engberg and one of those also feature rap duo ASM. There have been so many beat tapes going around these days that this sort of project is sort of overlooked. However, listening to the vinyl pressing of the record permits a closer listen to this album and it makes the level of quality present more evident. Maybe it’s because it’s a group effort but the compositions are much more “complete”. Maybe it’s also the difference between a “beat tape” and a actual album.


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