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Charlie Abbott “Goes To Math Class” (BRRWD)

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BRRWD is a label collaboration between Ta-ku, repeat pattern & Jakarta Records.

via Bandcamp: Charlie Abbott is a 25 year old from Boston Massachusetts, living in Aomori Japan, teaching high school English.

“I made ‘Goes to Math Class’ over the course of about one year – from Fall 2015 to Fall 2016(ish). As for influences, I’d say I was trying to go for the dirt of early Quasimoto mixed with the melody of Emerald Fantasy Tracks era Lone, but I’m having trouble describing it in terms of larger generic genres. I feel like it has a beat tape structure, and is definitely rooted in hip hop and dance music, but isn’t really danceable or meant for the club. I’d probably describe it as headphone music?”

“Goes To Math Class” released August 25, 2017 on BRRWD

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Charlie Abbott

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