Future Classics

Future Classic: Detroit Swindle “Creep”

House / Techno

When it comes to house music I really obey my 5% – 95% rule meaning that you really have to dig through 95 “meh” tracks to find 5 tracks that are just magic. House can be such a disposable genre of music: tracks that sound like they took 5 minutes to make, with no song structure, no musicianship, very generic lyrics. I especially hate that “big room” kind of sound.

My usual recipe for the 5% usually isn’t even that complicated. Actually I’m pretty predictable. I like deep house with shuffly drums and simple but effective keys. I like that deep 5am warehouse sound à la Jovonn, Mood II Swing, Pepe Bradock and so on… Most of the time I’m not into full on vocals which is why I usually choose the dub versions over the main ones. But don’t get me wrong, I can get down with a full on gospel jam.

Well, enter a brand new name (well new to me) that I can now add to my list of must check out names. There has been a renewed interest in that late 90’s kind of sound with productions from Motor City Drum Ensemble, KRL, the Wolf Music camp and after listening to a few Detroit Swindle productions I have to put them right at the top of my list. “Creep” is the best introduction to these two newcomers from Amsterdam. It was released in October on the always great Freerange label.

Buy Vinyl here – http://goo.gl/SjQiO
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