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Exclusive Premier: Kousto “Mermaid Kiss”

Launching June 2020, Guadapipi is the newest EP by the London-based producer, Kousto.

The four-track record remains true to Kousto’s inherent French disco-house identity, evoking memories summer in the south of France; ever-reminiscent of the producer’s homeland.

However, exploring heightened levels of deepness and ever-alluring ventures into disco house daydreams, Guadapipi heralds a new age for the French producer.

While continuing to spin summer sets and offer tracks best suited for seaside settings, a newfound approach to conceptual pieces takes us on a new journey, offering greater depth and textural quality to Kousto’s work.

Mastering the evolution of emotion through deep house, Guadapipi reconfirms Kousto as leading producer on the forefront of the emerging talent scene.

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