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Exclusive Premiere: Bahla “Hold On”

We are excited to premiere “Hold On”, the first single from Bahla’s upcoming EP ‘Life Long’ due to be released later this year.

Spear-headed by Venezuelan pianist Joseph Costi and British guitarist Tal Janes, Bahla broke new ground in 2017 with their debut album ‘Imprints’, a unique mix of cinematic jazz and Jewish traditions.

‘Imprints’ had tradition and heritage at its heart and was a celebration of a shared upbringing, through beautiful jazz-flavoured compositions.

In this new EP, Bahla introduce us to a very personal journey. Whilst affirming their love for music beyond jazz, they deliver music that travels from electronica to alternative pop, alt jazz and ambient, all of it treated through a reflective lens. Tal and Joseph combine songwriting ability, lyricism and obvious musical skills with an adventurous approach to harmony and production, taking their music to completely new territories. “We’re making the music we would love to hear, whilst retaining elements of the original ‘Bahla’ sound and moving forward with it” says Joseph.

“Hold On” is about learning how to love yourself and reach that place where you find physical and emotional balance. “The song is a throwback to infancy when we can’t say what we need or want, but there’s unconditional love” says Tal who wrote most of the lyrics for Bahla’s upcoming EP.

Bahla’s upcoming EP, their most accomplished work to date, will continue their introspective journey and music exploration, in what promises to be a key 2020 release.

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