Guest Mixes

MIMS Guest Mix: ALISTAIR BLU (Montreal)

This eclectic mix brings together some of the various sub-genres and styles of funk that have spawned due to the influence and guidance of the notorious supergroup Parliament-Funkadelic.

With an emphasis on G-Funk, the mix dips its toes into the realms of Soul, Jazz Fusion, and R&B, and offers some lesser known tracks by some of funk’s greatest acts, including offshoots from P-Funk’s artist catalogue (such as Bootsy Collins and the all-female Parlet). I sprinkled some of my own tracks in there, including my recent collaboration with Busty and the Bass and P-Funk’s founder George Clinton. My latest release, the instrumental track “Cascadia (AKA Synth-Ass-Solo)” features an extended, moody synth solo that pays homage to Eddie Hazel’s outrageous guitar solo from Funkadelic’s infamous 1971 release “Maggot Brain”. I thought it would be appropriate to bookend the mix with these two tracks. ENJOY!


  1. Standing On the Verge Of Getting it On (Intro) – Funkadelic (1974)
  2. Cascadia (AKA Synth-Ass-Solo) – Alistair Blu (2020)
  3. Easy – Roger and Zapp (1996)
  4. Riverside – Kirk Franklin & The Family (1998)
  5. Smooth Temptation – Alistair Blu (2019)
  6. Searchin’ 4 Funk’s Future – DāM FunK (2009)
  7. Cruisecontrol – Devonwho feat. Zackey Force Funk & I, CED (2016)
  8. Brown Skin – Nate Dogg (Unreleased/Bootlegged)
  9. We Live in Brooklyn, Baby – Roy Ayers Ubiquity (1971)
  10. Baggy Eyed Dopeman – Busty and the Bass feat. George Clinton (2020)
  11. Cookie Jar – Parlet (1978)
  12. I’d Rather Be With You – Bootsy Collins (1976)
  13. Wizard of Finance – Parliament (1977)
  14. Hail to the Wrong – Chaka Khan (2007)
  15. I Be Goin’ Hard – Steve Arrington and DāM FunK (2013)
  16. The Struggle iz Real – Devin Morrison feat. Daz Dillinger (2019)
  17. Love of My Life Worldwide – Erykah Badu feat. Queen Latifah, Angie Stone, & Bahamadia (2003)
  18. All Around the World – Brandon Coleman (2018)
  19. Los Robles & Washington – Moniquea (2019)
  20. Gotta Give It Up!!! – Alistair Blu (2020)
  21. Prototype – OutKast (2003)
  22. Ebony Eyes – Rick James feat. Smokey Robinson (1983)
  23. Guess It’s All Over – Mndsgn (2016)
  24. Maggot Brain – Funkadelic (1971)


Fusing hip hop with the melodic synths and hypnotic grooves of g-funk, Canadian singer/rapper/producer Alistair Blu is best known as the co-lead vocalist and keyboard player of Montreal electro-soul outfit, Busty and the Bass. Born in Victoria, British Columbia, he was raised on a healthy diet of jazz, early 2000s hip hop, R&B, and psychedelic rock—perhaps explaining why his solo work doesn’t fit into any one box…



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).