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Exclusive Premiere: Bumi Thomas “Soul Harmony” Ft Randolph Matthews

Jazz Soul

“Soul Harmony” is the lead song taken from Bumi Thomas’s brand new EP, ‘Broken Silence’. Due for release this Friday June 12. We are honoured to share it with you first. The multi-talented jazz-folk-soul singer-songwriter and guitarist is joined by guest and acclaimed vocalist, Randolph Matthews.

Layers of acapella served on a bed of rich soul, laced with poetry, garnished with keys and vibrant jazz rhythms. The mood is fresh yet nostalgic, as Bumi says “”Soul Harmony” is about awakening, in a state of love, calm and awareness of the deeper connection between the sacred feminine and masculine. It is the feeling of being alive. The moment before dreams and memory merge.”

‘Broken Silence’, Bumi Thomas’ new EP, is a story of evolution, solidarity, transformation and rebirth. It is a journey that encompasses politics, culture, migration and activism through music in response to the UK hostile environment policy. It begins with the tension between belonging and displacement, and concludes that love has the power to transcend both borders and isolation.

Exactly a year ago on June 12 Bumi Thomas received a letter from the UK Home Office telling her she had 14 days to leave the country or face deportation without further notice. She has had to fight to stay in the UK where she was born and has lived all her adult life.

Being a talented singer Songwriter with a rising voice in the London creative community, her case became a cause celebre, with the #JusticeforBumi petition signed by more than 25,000 people across Britain, Wales , Scotland and Northern Ireland calling for her to be granted British citizenship which was denied because of an administrative oversight after the introduction of the Nationality Act 1981 which became active in January 1983, six months before her birth.

Bumi was born in Rutherglen, Glasgow to Nigerian parents who founded Hairlynks, the first creative hub for Commonwealth citizens in Scotland in the 70s. The discovery that she does not have dual Nigerian – British nationality, as she grew up believing, sent her on an emotional journey in search of her true identity. It took her, virtually, from Glasgow, her birthplace, to her parents’ home in Nigeria where she spent much of her childhood, to Sierra Leone, to Brazil, to Portugal and beyond.

‘Broken Silence’ is about her journey to self-sovereignty. It is a celebration of the rich cultural diversity that is her heritage and informs her creative practice.

Bumi has shared the stage with many musical greats, including the likes of Tony Allen, TY, Ginger Baker, Laura Mvula and more besides.

Bumi says: “These songs are borne from the spectrum of states I traversed on a personal yet public journey of belonging and displacement. My emotional landscape reflects brokenness, rediscovery, rebirth, healing, agony, rejection, change, hope, encouragement, solidarity and the transformative power of love. It captures the beauty and power of friendship in times of injustice and uncertainty

Music allowed me to process my thoughts and emotions, archive my history, release the trauma and transmute it through an empowering creative experience.”

‘Broken Silence’ will be available for download and streaming on all major online platforms from June 12.


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