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Exclusive Premiere: DJ Relax “2 Many Thoughts”

Brand new heat from our good ravey friends Audio Bambino. Over the past few years, they’ve been one of our favorite new labels. Always pushing unexpected and uncompromising electronic releases that play with the boundaries of what rave music can be.

We’re happy to premiere a track from the new EP from the mysterious DJ Relax.

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A few words from the caped relaxer:

“dam….feels like I jus woke up. office life got me sleepy af..u kno its easy 2 get caught up in the chaos. 1 time a lil bird told me that sometimes u just gotta relax n not think about everything so much..so that’s what I been on lately .. i stepped outta that corporate environment n now my lifes been real relaxxxing..makin wtever trax I feel like makin. goin wherever I wanna go. nothin tyin me down..the bird still hangs out in my hat most of the time too. sometimes it fux off for a bit and comes back with a usb or a burnt cd or a tape of some crazy rave shit. Idek where it finds them but I’m not rly worried about it.

most of these tunes I jus made for me n this bird homie to rock out 2 on our travels..if I never met zap and those other bambinos that 1 time in tokyo we’d prob still just be goin wherevr the wind took us… feelin like I might have to hop back in the game now tho. mayb now more than evr the world could use a little relax 😎”

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