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Exclusive Premiere: Romaal Kultan “Spatial Delivery” (Personal Discs)

2022 saw Romaal Kultan aka Ollie Malin, establish his own record label called “Personal,” aiming to exert full artistic control over his music. His latest EP, titled “The Sudden Light Of Certainty” marks the label’s second major release, offering a diverse range of musical styles while retaining Romaal’s distinctive sound.

MIMS is happy to showcase the close-out tune on the EP – Spatial Delivery. With it’s off-kilter house rhythms remencient of Kyle Hall and more improvised works of Theo Parrish, it’s a fender-rhodes driven, soulful cut taking you on a mesmerizing journey into the sounds of yet another mesmerizing project from Romaal Kultan.

Romaal Kultan – The Sudden Light Of Certainty (Personal Discs)

Release date: 12th September 2023


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