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Exclusive Premiere: Gaijin Blues “Secret of Mana”


Gaijin Blues is Naphta and band mate Playstation Yoga Music’s tribute to Japanese pop culture, manga and video games. This EP is the result of tours to different regions of Japan and spending time in record shops, as well as playing classic RPGs.

Gaijin Blues is a blend between Japanese and Western music with live studio instruments. It’s a feeling, an expression and a time and space vehicle.

Secret of Mana explores live percussion and bass with strings, live flute and dreamy vocals, whilst Cafe LeBlanc references a peaceful location in JRPG Persona 5 and features more soothing strings and is inspired by manga soundtracks.

Metal Gear Rex is string-lead and features complex melodies and vocal chops. Another tribute to Japanese gaming culture, this one has a driving, hypnotic bassline and an eye on the dance floor. Guardia Castle opens with a 4/4 disco beat before introducing unexpected layers of blissful, melodic female vocals, acoustic guitars and flutes.

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