Exclusive Premieres

Exclusive Premiere: Hazxx “CTR FLUTE”

Here is a lovely jam from our friends from Sydney, Australia. A breezy, funky, quirky little number with that flute loop that’s bound to be stuck in your head.

We’re big fans of the little world that surrounds Pharmaceutical Audio’s sound and aesthetic and this new Hazxx album is another winner!

Pharmaceutical Audio’s ACD (Arts & Crafts Director) Hazxx releases his debut EP INTERNET CRAFT, following a 3 year sonic consultancy and Disc Jokey role at Pharma’s Trespasser ™ gatherings.

The EP has the sound, feel, and philosophy of Pharma ® embedded in the sound recordings. INTERNET CRAFT reimagines the works of loved Jazz, Latin & Soul pioneers through the exploration of synthesis and sampling. New techniques. Old sounds. Youtube meets Vinyl. The coming together of organics and synthetics.

Pharma’s HRSCA (Harmonics, Resonance, & Spirit Chief Advisor) Darren Ziesing has blessed his Mastering expertise on this project and has embedded Pharma’s proprietary Hear To Help ™ signature frequency layering sound characteristics in this project. Darren is a world renowned mastering engineer with clients involving Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, and Warner Music Group. Darren’s proprietary Light Giving Ceremony ™ enlightened and compelled the Directors and Shareholders of Pharmaceutical Audio to live a better life.

MIMS Premieres

MIMS Premieres

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