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Exclusive Premiere: ISHFAQ “Hypnosis No.9” (Dance Regular Records)

Broken Beat

DR001 Dance Regular ‘Body Music Vol 1’ – a 6 track VA Featuring James Rudie, Xtra Brux, Trev, Szajna, Ishfaq and Captain Over.

Dance Regular is a brand new label set up by EVM128 and James Rudie of CoOp presents Selectors Assemble.

Not wanting to be pigeon holed into one particular genre the label’s ethos is just good music that moves your body, genre spanning through House, Bruk, Soul, Jazz, Boogie, Half Time, Jungle, Raggage, and beyond.

This is the first Various Artists compilation to kick off with, then to follow this, there are EP releases throughout the year from the likes of Duke Hugh (Rhythm Section / HW&W) Xtra Brux, James Rudie (CoOp Presents / Selectors Assemble) Captain Over (XVI / Wha Wha 45’s) Trev, Ishfaq, Footshooter and more. The label has various club nights in London this year too, for more information and to keep in the loop, head to the website www.danceregular.com to subscribe to the mailing list and follow the social links.

Body Music Vol 1 is Available on Vinyl and Digital from June 14th 2019


Early support from:

LEFTO: Worldwide FM / Studio Brussels
James Rudie : Good Fry Up
“I can’t tell if James was influenced by the Dilla or Sa-Ra Creative Partners sound of the late 90s or early 2000s but there are similar elements in that tune; the rhodes, the slightly off beat or not quantized drums and the allround crispy sound… James’ tune is maybe what these guys would be making these days if they were up to making house music dancefloor killers…” LEFTO

IG CULTURE : CoOp Presents / Selectors Assemble / Worldwide FM / Rinse FM

Body Music Vol 1 :
“Hot Music coming out of East, the new home of London Bruk beats. This debut is full of dope sounds from fresh artists. Ya’ll need this one! Keep an eye on this up and coming label” IG CULTURE`

ALEX ATTIAS : Vision recordings
Body Music Vol 1 :
“This EP is full of dope jams for the dance and for the mind. These are essential deep, funky and raw broken tunes, thanks guys!” ALEX ATTIAS

JEREMY SYLVESTER : Urban Dubz / Nice n Ripe
“Every Tune is Fiyah!”

“The broken resurgence continues apace with this ace EP merging many styles, pick for me is Trev.

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MIMS Premieres

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