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Exclusive Premiere: JAB “Currents”

MIMS is delighted to present the online premiere of “Currents” by JAB, close to 7 sublime minutes of deep soulful jazz, whose steady rhythms could either carry away our feet on the dancefloor, or lure our thoughts to drift away to its seductive groove.

Following the acclaimed ‘Directions’ EP and last year’s popular ‘6 Degrees of Separation’, the mysterious multi-instrumentalist JAB is due to return with the brand new ‘Currents’ EP on March 19.


The title track was inspired by the hope glimpsed towards the end of the first lockdown, when restrictions started to ease, for a return to normality. The song opens with the pulse-like drums beating like a heartbeat, creating life as it unfolds, and the strings swoop and organ blossoms, with the bassline excitedly and playfully expressing fluidity.

JAB tells us that “”Currents” represents movement to me and I think the world moved through many phases of emotions in 2020. Similar to a stream or an ocean you have a spectrum of textures from shallow and light, to deep and heavy.”

Well we can’t wait to hear the whole EP. JAB is multi-talented musician, producer, composer and arranged, leading a powerful ensemble on this release. Vinyl and digital drops on March 19.

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