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Exclusive Premiere: JK Group “Find Joy”


Drums, bass and saxophone unite to create a deadly groove on “Find Joy”, the lead track from ‘Rising’, the forthcoming EP from multi-dimensional future-jazz outfit JK Group, on La Sape Records.

JK Group is the brainchild of award-winning saxophonist, Joshua Kelly (30/70 collective, PBS Young Elder of Jazz 2019). ‘Rising’ sees the band return to La Sape to follow up ‘What’s Real?’ their acclaimed 2021 release.

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Where ‘What’s Real?’ served as a platform for wild experimentation, ‘Rising’ returns to a more considered and familiar format for the band, offering up 4 cohesive tracks that are deep in conception and expression, at once original and fresh. Conceived after recording an as yet unreleased body of work written whilst undergoing chemotherapy, ‘Rising’ celebrates bandleader Josh’s survival and eventual recovery from the intense treatment he received for lymphoma in 2020.

The band stays true to their honed format of jazz traditions melding with influences from electronica and beyond. Like the first release, ‘The Young Ones’, ‘Rising’ sits comfortably in the crossover of raw, live jazz and electronic dance music, whilst also throwing an unexpected curveball to the listener expanding the palate of the bands sound to a pigment never before heard in their music. The EP takes you on an emotional journey throughout the four tracks, best listened to start-to-finish.

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