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Exclusive Premiere: Kid Sublime “It’s Real” (Jazzy Sport)

House / Techno

Legendary Tokyo-based label Jazzy Sport welcomes Dutch luminary Kid Sublime for a limited edition double LP entitled “The Padded Room”.

The Netherlands-based producer cut his teeth as a member of early ’00s Hip Hop, Jazz and Beatdown collective Rednose Distrikt, releasing on labels like Kindred Spirits and Rush Hour.

Now with a strong foundation he prepares the release of “The Padded Room”. Very much a dance record with strong elements of Soul, Jazz, Fusion and Latin rhythms melded together, it showcases his roots while showing maturity and knowledge of the dancefloor.

To put it bluntly, “It’s Real” bangs! There are plenty of catchy loops to keep your interest throughout its entirety, and as the last few bars play, it’s hard not to jump on the repeat button, even when clocking in at over six minutes. Serious business not to be missed!

“The Padded Room” releases November 16, 2018 on Jazzy Sport

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Kid Sublime
Jazzy Sport

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