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Exclusive Premiere: Korea Town Acid “Idiom” (feat. Driftnote)

We are thrilled to present a first taste of the upcoming album from our talented friend, Toronto-based producer and DJ Korea Town Acid.

Her newest work is titled “Elephant In The Room” and once again explores the boundaries between club and home listening. Spread across 12 tracks, it features collaborations with fellow-Canadian artists Hood Joplin, Zander Miller, Khrono.K and Driftnote helping her navigate through moods, tempos and styles.

We asked KTA three questions about her newest album and share an exclusive upfront listen to “Idiom”

Can you tell me about the creative context and process in which the new record was made?

Coming out with a full-length album seems like It’s world building. conceptual, progression, changes of direction, try and error, it’s a whole journey till you eventually let it go.

I built a small modular rack and new laptop last fall and started recording in december thru may. I try to fire everything up and really play by ear and try to capture the organic moments in the studio. It’s unpredictable but that’s what’s exciting about the creative process. believing in one’s machines fullest-potential.

There are many different styles, emotions, tempos spread across the record. Both in your production and DJIng you seem to always want to explore the boundaries…

My assumption is that I have ADHD so my mind wonders, I am also a curious person ,I get easily excited about stuff and get bored of it quickly, I always try to push the boundaries, so I don’t get tired of what I do and keep my interest in different baskets whether that’s productions, DJing or playing live hardware, and use all mediums of music, digital, vinyl, hardware, vsts, etc. I keep these different sources as my stimulation of interest intact in rotation.

What is your unrealized musical dream?

I would like to do work overseas, visit Seoul and do sound scoring for film producers like Bong Joon Ho or Park Chan Wook, and work with rappers like E SENS, Kim Ximya and CL. Also interested in learning and curating “Music Therapy” sessions.

“The Elephant In The Room” drops August 26th, via legendary Canadian imprint URBnet.

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