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Exclusive Premiere: Kwalia “Pulse”

Classical Electronic Soul

Jordan Rakei and Richard Melkonian have teamed up to release their debut EP “Pursuit” under the name Kwalia.

A combination of effected string compositions and soulful vocals flow effortlessly alongside one-another feeling as though the music was incepted naturally and without too many roadblocks along the way.

The forthcoming EP from Kwalia brings to mind the sounds of certain orchestral chapters of Radiohead’s catalogue, with an uplifting energy perfect for listeners with a curious ear.

The unlikely pair, a Blue-Eyed Soul vocalist / producer and a Classical composer met working on the track Rooftop from Rakei’s album “Cloak”. They quickly realized that a hybrid sound incorporating free moving Jazz rhythms, Rakei’s expressive soulful vocal and Melkonian’s Armenian harmony could be very interesting. The EP features a string quartet, a live band of woodwinds, and heavy synths throughout.

Kwalia’s “Pursuit” EP releases June 22, 2018 by Pinkbird Recording Co.

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Jordan Rakei
Richard Melkonian
Pinkbird Recording Co.

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